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A wiki for categorizing clues about markovdolphin

markovdolphin, commonly referred to as 'markov' by chat, is a markov chain bot which resides in DolphinChemist's IRC channel. She connects to the IRC channel every night at 9:30pm EST, and chats every 0 to 10 minutes. She does not add to the viewer count. She is currently a subscriber to DolphinChemist.

Currently the commands:

  •  !vod500markov
  •  !grocieries
  •  !foys
  •  !soup
  •  !prank

Are all commands which are quotes of markovdolphin.

She also said "WOW LANGUAGE" when a chat member mentioned the Miami Dolphins, it is possible she could be a Jets fan.

List of All CluesEdit



Scottie1 WAV file -- Final clue -- "Hard mode" clue - Leads directly to the creator

Clue 1 (no spoilers) -- Start from the beginning with no hints

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