Clue 1 was posted by markovdolphin in DolphinChemist's Twitch chat on December 20th, 2015. Clue 1 was reposted with the XOR key on December 22nd.

Clue text:

  • Clue 1/??: JiTODJPL2aKRs0HJo/jEqNscltj24zcyg5XA3tT7
  • #1 XOR UVO5Iv6qq8n+xSWmz4iswbUy9bebzAEF5P31v+Lx

Clue solution:

Both the clue and the XOR key are numbers written in base64. To solve the clue, exclusive or (XOR) the two numbers together (during the initial solve, these numbers were converted to hexadecimal first. This should be unnecessary as long as you have a calculator that can work in base64). This provides one number as a result. In hexadecimal, this number is:


When this number is converted to ASCII, it reads:

Following this link lead to the markovdolphin countdown website, which changed to the Asteroids game after the countdown ended.  

This website was initially discovered by winniedemon on December 23rd.